aliveFAK CATECHISM QUESTIONS:  Questions 1-12

  1.  Why were you created? To know and to show God’s greatness and enjoy Him forever!
  2. How can I know and show God’s greatness and enjoy Him forever? God tells me how in the Bible
  3.  What is the Bible? The Bible is God’s Word
  4.  Did men write the Bible? The Holy Spirit wrote the Bible through men; telling them exactly what to say!
  5. What does the Bible Teach? The Bible teaches who God is, who man is and what God tells us to do!
  6. What does the Bible say about God? The Bible says that God is a Spirit whose holiness, wisdom and goodness are infinite, eternal and unchanging.
  7. What does the Bible teach about Man? God created man in His own image to LIVE in obedience to Him – But Man sinned – Bringing sadness, sickness and death
  8. Is there more than one God? There is only one true and living God. death
  9. What is sin? Sin is disobeying God in any way.
  10. What happened to man when he sinned? Man fell into sadness, sickness and death.
  11. What made sin so miserable for man? Sin separated God from man and brought God’s anger, God’s curse, and hell.
  12. Did God leave man in this miserable condition? From eternity, because He wanted to, God chose some to LIVE with Him forever; free from sin and misery by sending a Redeemer.

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