Coffee is just not the same without a splash of cream! I’m sitting here with my coffee, a candle and my Bible open to Psalm 18. As I study and pray over this chapter in preparation for Fully Alive at Five next Tuesday, I am minimally distracted by the bitter taste in my mouth; having forgotten the Half n Half yesterday!  That Half n Half would have made for a perfect fall morning spent in meditation and prayer!

The truth of the matter is, I will drink my coffee today without the delicious luxury of cream that an extra trip to Publix would bring. Some longings can wait. But, as I sit here staggered by the massive, heart-throbbing truths of Psalm 18. I cannot tolerate living today without encountering, touching, knowing, experiencing the presence of the very great and living God who so dramatically COMES TO US and changes everything! Everything in my life takes on a different flavor when God comes! You have to meditate on it for yourself, but here is just a taste:

The cords of death encompassed me…in my distress I called upon the LORD…my cry to him reached his ears…then the earth reeled and rocked…He bowed the heavens and came down…He came swiftly on the wings of the wind…He rescued me from my strong enemy …for they were too mighty for me… (You just have to read the entire chapter!)

Let’s stop right there. Friend, do you have any strong enemies today that are just too much for you? I sure do! For starters, I am filled with pride, selfishness, fear and a lack of love more often than I want to admit. I need help in the battle against my own horrendous sin and pathetic weaknesses!  Furthermore, I am deeply concerned for several folks I love very much.  People who are very close to me, whose eternal life hangs in the balance. Other dear friends and family members are being confronted today by devastating circumstances that threaten their life of faith.

The Almighty’s action on behalf of those who call upon Him blows my mind!  When God comes, devastation gets overthrown by the One who enables me to leap insurmountable obstacles and do battle against my adversaries with supernatural, bronze-bending strength!

I am shouting at this point, with a full heart and an empty coffee cup, “Who is God, but the LORD? And who is a rock, except our God?” (v. 21)!  And I am expecting our wonderful King to “ ride on a cherub” and fly to join us this Tuesday morning at 5am!  But, until then, I will not live today without crying out for a personal encounter with Jesus Christ!

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