Fully Alive Kids Spring Semester

Dear Fully Alive Moms,
It is with great excitement that I write you, to remind you that we are resuming our regular schedule after the holidays! I have missed you all and pray that through the holidays (although they are most certainly a busy time!) you and your family were able to dwell on and delight in the saving Gospel as you marveled that a perfect God would come to earth to be man. Jesus came to do what we could not do by living a perfect life and then saving us by paying for our great imperfection on the cross! I pray that even now, this truth would stir in your hearts to enliven you to be Fully Alive in your partnership with God as you parent your little ones today!!!
This Tuesday, January 14th, we will be meeting together at 10:00 am to begin our Spring semester of FAK.
This semester we will be studying God’s kindness and wisdom in our great salvation! We will be learning how the work of His Holy Spirit in our salvation opens our eyes to see our sin and causes us to trust in Jesus as our redeemer. We will see the free gifts of God’s grace that were bought by Jesus on the cross:
  • Our Justification – How our sins were forgiven and made right with God!
  • Our Adoption – How God brings us into his royal family as his sons and daughters!
  • Our Sanctification – How God is committed to make us more like Jesus!
Could there be anything more marvelous?!? Let’s come together this Tuesday having prepared our own hearts and the hearts of our children to delight in this great and hopeful truth!
Many Blessings in Jesus,
Kathy Tarr

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