Fully Alive Kids Review

fakWhat a joy it was to see Jesus come and meet with us last Tuesday! He softened, stirred and shepherded the hearts of our children to know Him and grow in His ways!!! fak 1fak 3fak4

Here is a quick review of what we learned:

•Question: How do we become one of God’s chosen ones?
•Answer: First the Holy Spirit must work in our hearts and cause us to trust Jesus as our Redeemer.

•The Holy Spirit (Arms up and outstretched)
•Must work in our hearts (Pull arms in to chest)
•And cause us to trust Jesus as our Redeemer (Then back out and up)

•Enjoy worshipping with your kids at home. You can review our theme song here.

•Also feel free to review the questions from last few semesters with your kids!

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