Declaring War on Shame

Hey Friend,
Every woman you know has it!  It’s an epidemic!  You and I, along with every other person alive has experienced the crippling effect of this emotion on our souls.  Trust me, it is a vicious grinch that, unless exposed and overthrown by the Holy Spirit of God will steal your joy, erode your courage and weaken your faith! I am talking about the powerful emotion of shame.
According to the Bible, shame is more prevalent and more powerful than you know.  Likewise, according to the Bible, our culture is confused and misguided as to the its true identity and remedy.
Tomorrow morning, at Alive at Five, we will learn from Psalm 25 how we can escape from the shackles of shame! So, rise and shine, bring a friend, grab your coffee at the door come ready to worship Jesus, our Freedom Fighter from the Shackles of Shame!
If you are feeling bold today, pass this email along to some friends!
Love you Gals!
What: Fully Alive at Five
When: Tuesday, February 4, 2014 starting at 5a.m.-7a.m.
Where: Christ Church Knoxville
3108 Basswood Rd
Knoxville, TN  37921

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