This Tuesday: Learning to Wait from Psalm 40

Hey Gals,

Let’s be honest, waiting, is not something we do well! Whether it is waiting a few months for our next vacation or two minutes at a traffic light we overwhelmingly prefer “getting it over and done” to waiting. However, when it comes to intimacy with God and our own spiritual transformation, the lack of ability to wait on the Lord is deadly.

At Fully Alive at Five, Tuesday morning, March 4, 5am, we will worship, listen and pray as the Holy Spirit speaks to us from Psalm 40 about the wonder of waiting. This Psalm is a comforting and convicting word that confronts the pragmatistic lie in all of us that satisfying success and fulfillment in life depend on working long and hard rather than on waiting long and hard on the Lord. It gives us a clear picture of what waiting is and what is isn’t!

Call a friend, forward this email, spring out of bed and let’s meet with Jesus this Tuesday morning! I can’t wait to be together with you in His presence! He is always worth waiting for!!!

In and For Jesus,
Kathy Tarr


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