No Fully Alive Kids this Tuesday, April 1st

Hello Fully Alive Moms!

It has been a great Spring semester! We have cherished our time together this semester as we had the privilege of studying God’s kindness and wisdom in our great salvation! We saw the free gifts of God’s grace that were bought by Jesus on the cross: our sanctification, our adoption and our justification. How amazing and delightful! While we are canceling our last meeting this coming Tuesday, April 1st, we hope you take the time to continue to discuss, delight and worship over this great salvation with your children over the break.

We look forward to meeting together again this coming Fall. Remember to stay posted on all starting dates, announcements and Fully Alive Kids community events here on the Fully Alive Ministry blog or at our Facebook page. We will have the new catechism questions up on the blog soon but for now, the first twelve questions are available for use in reviewing with your children here.

Many Blessings!

Fully Alive Kids

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