Here is a selection of messages that Kathy gave at the marriage seminar “Reclaiming God’s Design for Marriage”. We hope you benefit from these sessions that are focused on God’s eternal purposes for marriage:

I"God's Beautiful Design"Kathy TarrClick here to listen
II"What Happened to Paradise"Kathy TarrClick here to listen
III"Restoring Oneness - Part 1"Kathy TarrClick here to listen
IV"Restoring Oneness - Part 2"Kathy TarrClick here to listen


Also be sure to check out the previous messages from Fully Alive at Five by clicking here.


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We love these books!  You will too if you are passionate to learn what it means to be a woman who is fully alive in Jesus!

In Love with Christ:  The Narrative of Sarah Edwards

in love

“I could not put this book down!” is the common exclamation describing a compelling and riveting book!  Personally, In Love with Christ goes beyond that category to, “I cannot stop re-reading this book!”  I keep it beside my Bible and journal always!

Reading the life of Sarah Edwards, wife of America’s renowned theologian, Jonathan Edwards led me into the presence of God!  Her voracious hunger to encounter and enjoy Jesus Christ resulted in visions of Him that took my breath away. Her commitment to live to the glory of God provoked me to holy jealousy that my own earthly desires would be “swallowed up,” like hers were.  Her joyful surrender to Jesus in the face of deep suffering infused fiber into my spirit like few books ever have!  Read, and re-read this book!

If, like me, you are in ardent pursuit of experientially knowing the love of God in Christ, these other books in the “Completer for a Contender of the Faith” series will also spur you:

Ann Judson; Missionary Wife

ann judson

Delighting in Her Heavenly Bridegroom; The Memoirs of Harriet Newell


A Basket of Summer Fruit; Susannah Spurgeon

summer fruit

Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God by Noel Piper

har noel piper

Noel Piper has given us an exquisite work in the inspiriting biographies of five women who treasured, above all earthly pleasures, the superior joy of knowing Jesus.  These are women who suffered the loss of all things and count(ed) them as rubbish” to gain Christ.” (Phil 3:8b)  As you walk in their story, you will have the chapters of your own life ignited with renewed zeal to live for Christ alone.  I offer one warning:  You are likely to get hooked on reading great Christian biographies if you read this book!

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